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Email Marketing Is Evolving, But Some Things Stay the Same


Email marketing is evolving, but some things stay the same, according to a new report by HubSpot. The report entitled, Science of Email Marketing 2014, highlights the current attitude towards email marketing and the effectiveness of the components of emails. The research presented in the report is composed of several data sets. First, it analyzes…Read More

How to Create an Effective Thank You Page


A thank you page is the last step of the lead conversion process. The conversion process begins with a call-to-action that promotes an offer. When a visitor clicks on that call-to-action, they’re taken to a landing page. In order for the visitor to receive your offer, they must fill out a form with their contact…Read More

How to Design a Blog that People Will Read


While content is still king when it comes to attracting visitors to your website, the design of your blog page can impact whether or not visitors actually read and act upon your content. A well-designed blog includes the following elements: 1. Headline Your headline should grab the attention of your visitors and motivate them to…Read More