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How to Design a Blog that People Will Read


While content is still king when it comes to attracting visitors to your website, the design of your blog page can impact whether or not visitors actually read and act upon your content. A well-designed blog includes the following elements: 1. Headline Your headline should grab the attention of your visitors and motivate them to…Read More

How to Create Successful Calls-to-Action


The call-to-action is a button on a web page that prompts visitors to click on an offer. This offer may be “Get a Free Quote” or “Request a Consultation.” This is the first step in turning our website visitors into leads. The call-to-action button links to a landing page, which captures a visitor’s contact information…Read More

Marketers Struggle to Create Engaging Content


While content marketing is a powerful tool, most B2B companies struggle to create an effective content marketing strategy, according to the latest research by Forrester. According to the study, more than half of marketers (51%) said their content marketing efforts are only somewhat effective, 6% said their strategy is somewhat ineffective, and 1% said that…Read More